Monday, July 28, 2008

Russell Crowe Look alike!!!!

Here is a picture of Russell Crowe and his little boy. So Corianne and Mark Henderson keep telling me that Ryder looks like Russell Crowe. I think that he looks like his little boy too! What do you guys think?

Praying for an Angel

My cousin Andreas little girl, Lily, is in the hospital right now. She is only a few weeks old and she was born premature! She had a 40 minute seizure in church yesterday in her mommies arms. They rushed her to the hospital and they took a CT scan, everything looked okay, but she still could have something seriously wrong with her. Could you all just include Andrea, Lily and her husband Dustin in your prayers. I will keep you all updated. Thank you guys, love you!

They still dont know what is wrong with little Lily but she is home from the hospital. She is still doing a lot of tests, so please continue to keep her in your prayers! Love you all and thank you so much!

My Favorite things

My friends Corianne and Tami both did this and it looked like fun. Hope its not to boring, but it is almost 5 in the morning and I have been up all night with Crew being sick! Poor little guy, I hate it when my kids are sick. I feel like I cant do anything for them! Anyways, Enjoy!

Love swimming with the kids, and they love it too. They have to swim at least every single day:)

Love Sunsets! And I love summer time like no other!

Couldnt find a picture of my favorite flavor, its Raspberry Acai! If you havent tried it I totally recommend it!

Love these things, and you only can get them at a couple of different stores! Its a
pain trying to find them!

I will only eat the chewy ones, they cant be hard!

The only make up I use and I love it.

This thing saves me so many times when Im just sitting in a waiting room or whatever! And its so freaking cute too!

High heels are a must! Ever since my little Sister Haylie got home from her mission she got me hooked on High heels. I wish I would have started to wear them long ago!

I love these flip flops, they are so comfy! I got them in Arizona when I went to visit my cute cousin in June. I have been wearing them everyday ever since!

Oh my gosh, can I tell you how much I love earrings? The bigger the better!

They have the best sales on line for little boys and they have the cutest clothes too!

I think that I have watched this movie over 100 times and Im still not sick of it. Mr. Darcy is just so dang cute!

Nacho Libre is my whole families favorite movie. Im trying to find a nacho costume for Ry for Halloween. Anyone who knows Ry can see why I would want him to be Nacho:)
And yes I have two favorite movies!

This is my favorite show!

Liquid Tide is the best, and yes it HAS TO BE LIQUID!!! Really Im obsessed with how my laundry smells

I dont use anything other then Bounce dryer sheets, I love how my clean laundry smells!

Anyone with kids knows they cant go anywhere without this little Tide pen. I cant at least, cause it usually all ends up on me not the boys:)

Its the BEST!

This is my Favorite lotion in the whole world, but they freaking discontinued it. Good thing for Ebay, they are all over the place there! Its from Bath and body works! Dont ever buy it off ebay cause then you will be hooked:)

Every girl in my family has to have their toenails painted and have a little flower on both of the big toes. I just love to paint everyone, including my, toenails. They have to look their best:)

I love to knit, yeah I know I sound like a little grandma. But seriously it is so much fun and if anyone wants to learn how I will teach you anytime:)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Sister Tsunoda's homecoming and Susan finally got to visit Utah!

Susan, Tsunoda and Haylie just chillin on the stairs! Arent they babes? We love you girls!

Haylie and Susan! Susan is from Pitts and Haylie and Tsunoda brought her back to the church! She is the cutest girl alive and we totally love her to death. It was so fun having her for the week. We sure hope that she finally gets her booty over to Utah and move here for GOOD!

Haylie's old Companion from Pittsburgh PA finally came home. Welcome home darling Tsudona and we cant wait to see you speak at your homecoming tomorrow! Love you girl!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Crew and Mommy!

We went to Coriannes today and Crew got to play with Brielle. Crew says that she is his girlfriend! Then after we went to Chili's and went on a little date for the first time. We loved it and had so much fun. I really love to spend one on one time with the boys, they are so much easier when they arent together FIGHTING:)

Cori and I just a blogging away!!!!

Cor has taught me how to do blogging and she even did my header, what a sweet heart!

Family night pictures

Family night just hangin out! We were playing golf and baseball. We had so much fun! By the way Ry picked out his own clothes. And yes his pj's are backwards, they have to be because he takes them off other wise. When he has a stinky diaper he likes to take it off in his bed and smear it every where! What an angel!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

You boys Grew up WAY TO FAST!!! Could they slow down just a little bit!

Crew and Ry just being cute

The top pictures are of Crew on Mothers day. It was right before church and I was trying to get ready and I thought that it was a little quiet (and everyone knows that when there is silence there is something going on, and its not a good thing). I went in and I just couldnt help but laugh and take pictures of him putting more in his hair. Yeah it took me about ten times washing it to get it all OUT!!! Crazy boy!

You've gotta love boys:) They are so cute and so crazy at the same time! I love them and Jer so very much!

Old Pictures

I just got my computer hooked up to the internet so here are some old pictures! Most of them are Crew, but I will be putting on more once Corianne takes pictures of the family tomorrow!

Last day of Preschool and first broken finger!

Last day of Preschool and first broken finger!